A significant inheritance or other “sudden wealth” event can dramatically change your life, providing the opportunity to pursue new financial goals that are consistent with your lifestyle and values. As your personal “Chief Financial Officer,” we will provide a financial plan that incorporates the new wealth with existing assets. In the planning process, we first help define your new financial goals and then we provide financial strategies that demonstrate how to meet these goals.


Often, with new found wealth, clients may want to retire earlier than previously expected or may want to pursue a new line of work that is more consistent with their interests and values. We provide personal and financial guidance to help our clients effectively evaluate and pursue their financial options.


Our investment management services are designed to eliminate the requirement for our client’s to keep constant track of their finances. We provide a conservative investment approach, using a low-cost, high quality investment strategy. Our fee-only approach means that we never sell any products. As your fiduciary, we always “sit on your side of the table.” Investments are structured to allow our clients to always have access to the funds they require. With Charles Schwab Institutional, the largest low-commission brokerage firm in the nation, as the custodian of your funds, you never have to worry about the safety of your assets.


Our comprehensive planning approach to an inheritance or other sudden wealth, fully integrates current finances with new assets. By incorporating your new financial goals, we provide financial planning strategies that allow you to achieve a lifetime of financial independence.