As a fee-only financial advisor, our only incentive is to provide our clients with the best investment advice possible. Our compensation only increases with our client’s investment success. We have a conservative financial investment philosophy, allowing our clients to participate when markets are increasing, while minimizing the risk of a financial collapse in downward markets. Our approach is to use high-quality, high dividend stocks and equity indexed funds, combined with well-managed, low-cost and highly liquid bond mutual funds. We have found that this combination provides the growth, liquidity and low operating costs required to maximize our client’s investment return.


All Asset Management clients receive a quarterly progress update, unlimited personal financial advice, annual tax planning and an annual Abundant Retirement Plan. Providing strategies to help you meet your financial goals and to secure a prosperous financial future is a key element of our investment management services.


As an institutional investor, with Schwab Institutional as the custodian of our client’s assets, there is never a concern about whether your funds will “disappear”, as they did with clients of Bernie Madoff, Allen Stanford and M. F. Global.


We will work together to define your long term goals, investment requirements and the amount of downside risk that is personally acceptable. By fully exploring your “investment profile” we will design a portfolio that maximizes upside returns for the downside risk that is acceptable. We invest our client’s money as if it were our own, allowing our clients to sleep well at night, without the worries or concerns of undue financial risk.