Whether you are counting the days until you are able to retire or enjoying your work so much that you never wish to retire, retirement planning is a process that everyone should undertake. Acting as your personal “Chief Financial Officer,” we first help our clients define their retirement goals and then we provide retirement strategies to meet these goals.


We have developed a proprietary retirement planning approach, allowing clients to plan for the retirement they imagine, whether retirement is in two years or in thirty years. Once our clients have identified their retirement lifestyle, we develop a plan that provides financial strategies to meet their retirement goals.


As our clients approach retirement, we provide an investment approach which is appropriate to their goals. For our retired clients, we use an investment “bucket” approach. The funds that will be needed in the next 2-3 years are kept in very low-risk investments. Funds required in 3-7 years are kept in investments with a higher return yet relatively low risk. Funds required in 8+ years are maintained in longer term investments that will provide the necessary returns for our clients to meet their long term retirement goals.


We provide both personal and financial advice and support during the sometimes difficult transition into retirement. By knowing you will always be able to access the funds you require, we remove the day to day worries of financial management, allowing you to focus on the pleasures and enjoyment of an abundant retirement.