A small business owner’s financial future is intertwined with the success of their business. The founder of Financial Abundance has been directly involved with small businesses for over twenty five years, with roles in executive management, business consulting and financial services. We understand the complexities and issues faced by small business owners and have the knowledge and expertise to help them increase the value of their businesses through proper focus on strategic planning, tax minimization and retirement planning techniques.

Most small business owners cannot afford to employ a full-time Chief Financial Officer. We can provide this strategic role for both your company and your personal finances. We work with small business owners to help them integrate the financial issues of their business with their own personal financial goals. This approach ensures that the business owner is able to maximize profits and cash flow, while providing adequate financial resources for their family to live abundantly.

Our services include examining your business structure to minimize taxes, recommendations on retirement savings plans and other employee benefits, combined business and personal tax minimization and planning for the eventual sale or disposition of the business. We also offer personal retirement planning, assuring that the business disposition provides the financial resources required for a lifetime of financial independence.